Deep breathing exercise

Deep breathing exercise: Bhastrika Pranayam steps and benifits

Deep breathing exercise: Bhastrika Pranayam

Deep Breathing: Bhastrika Pranayama
Deep Breathing: Bhastrika Pranayama

Bhastrika Pranayama is most important deep breathing exercise in yoga, also know as “bellows breath”. It is a process of inhalation and exhalation. The word “Bellows” means a tool which is used to blow air, especially into the fire to make it burn better. Likewise, blow air (Oxygen) into the lungs.

The process of inhalation and exhalation releases the endorphin hormone as per the study by researchers, endorphin hormone works as a pain killer and give a feeling of well being. Bhastrika Pranayama has a significant benefit as a cleansing practice and increasing the level of energy in body and mind.

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Step to practice Bhastrika Pranayama:

  • Do a warm up exercise before any Yoga and Pranayama such as the leg bends, shoulder circle, ankle circle and slow jog. It helps to prevent from injuries.
  • Choose the best comfortable sitting posture with head, neck and spine in a strait line and relax shoulder. Padamasana is recommended during Pranayama activity.
  • Closed the eyes. It helps to connect the breathing system.
  • Inhale slowly until the abdomen is fully expanded and hold breath for a second, then exhale forcefully through the nostrils. Do it slowly and comfortably.
  • Do not strain and jerk in your body during inhalation and exhalation.
  • One inhalation and exhalation consider as a one cycle.
  • Practice with 20 cycles as a beginner. It can go up to 70 cycles in one round.
  • Gets comfortable between two rounds for 2 minutes.
  • Perform 3 rounds.
  • Perform this as per individual’s capacity with calm mind
Precautions: A study has shown an adverse effect of Yoga if it is wrongly performed. It can lead to a major health issue. So an individual must practice Pranayama under yoga expert.
  • Do not practice Yoga and Pranayama just learning from watching T.V or reading books .
  • Do not experiment with breathing system.
  • Avoid Pranayam in rush condition.
  • Avoid facial contortion and shaking of the body.
  • Do not perform in wrong posture.

Contra-indication: It should not be practiced in below conditions.

  • The Individual is suffering from high blood pressure, hernia, gastric ulcer, heart disease, epilepsy, seizure, panic disorder and recent surgery.
  • Pregnant and menstruating women.

Amazing benefits of deep breathing exercise -Bhastrika Pranayam:

  1. Favorable effect on the respiratory and digestive system.
  2. It helps to increases the level of energy and rejuvenating effect on the body.
  3. It helps to relax the mind and sharpen memory.
  4. Ensure increases the oxygen flow in the body and improves the quality of blood.
  5. Helps to release toxins from the body.
  6. It is the most powerful technique to strengthen lungs and respiratory system.
  7. Helps in balancing of Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
  8. Helps in balances and strengthen the nervous system.
  9. Bhastrika Pranayama Keeps lymphatic system clean as we can not cleaned this organ without deep breathing.

Time to Practice:

  • Best time to perform in morning after morning routine with empty stomach
  • It can be performed after 2 hours of meal in a day.

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