Combat with COVID-19 in working life after lock down

“Some things resolve with the time. Do not worry and follow instructions”

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Humanity is not facing pandemic first time. Nature is balancing the earth. We will have to be more careful after lock down as it is spreading at a higher rate. We can fight against corona only if we follow the government guideline. We will have to be accountable to combat against COVID.

Follow below mention instruction to beat the corona virus.

  1. Wear mask and gloves whenever you are going outside of your house.
  2. Sanitize vehicle before boarding.
  3. Maintain social distance.
  4. Sanitize your workstation.
  5. Wash your hand till 20 second frequently along with your finger tips.
  6. Do not wear Belt, watch, Kalava, Ring. The virus can live under these things. A study has shown that it can lead to transmission.
  7. Do not go to saloon in these days. Try to get trimmer and help yourself.
  8. Minimize exposure of mobile while you are outside your home. Mobile catch the virus easily.
  9. Do not use Hankey. Dry your hand with a hand dryer or use sanitizer.
  10. Do not celebrate the birthday / anniversary and another party.
  11. Take home food only. Healthy food will help to boost your immune system.
  12. Take a proper shower after reaching home and wash your clothes daily.
  13. Drink kadha instead of tea or liquid during this timing.
  14. Turmeric milk helps to boost the immune system. You can take it on a daily basis. Anti inflammatory properties present in the turmeric milk.
  15. Aged and child’s are more vulnerable to COVID so do not let them go outside.
  16. Avoid junk no food and alcohol as these these degrade immune systems.
  17. Spare some time for exercise / Yoga for boosting your health

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