Parenting during Lockdown

Parenting during Lockdown

“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate”

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“Rising children are hard, and any parents saying differently is lying”.

Parenting is the hardest job on the earth so you must involve in the growing phase of children. It comes with more responsibility, stress and other pressure without any paycheck and compensation. It’s not a one time job. It gives a lot of pressure on a parent to keep learning new things, lead with example, consistent check on child health and activity. Nowadays it has become more sensitive as people are taking parenting courses to provide the best input in the child growing phase like healthy eating, indoor and outdoor activity, basic manners, healthy relations in family.

Nowadays, kids are needy and demanding so its parent’s responsibility to keep them engaged in the good activity.

Parents must follow the below tips:

  1. Healthy eating:Children need a balanced diet so focus on overall diet rather than specific foods. So be a role model and introduce healthy food/ snacks at home. It will help to strengthen the immune system of children.

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  1. Physical activity –Involve your kids in simple exercise and yoga. The habit of Yoga/ exercise will help in maintaining a high level of energy and healthy life.
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     4. Learn new skills – Children are born ready to learn. Now, this is the best time to pursue your hobby, being it cooking, reading, gardening whatever you like the most. It will help them to convert a hobby into a passion.

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          5. Watching TV together:Nowadays kids are plugged into devices like TV, tablets well before they can ride a bike. During this period of lockdown, parents should sit down with their kids and watch TV together that will produce the feelings of closeness and positive emotions.

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         6. Storytelling:It is an ancient art and important art which helps the children to understand more and improve their imagination and learning skill.

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         7. Writing: It’s a good skill for children and will help them to develop their brains, command on grammar, and words. Spend some time with them and encourage/help them to write 100 words on a weekly basis on any topics in any language.

Apart form the above tips as we are facing COVID-19 pandemic so make your kids learn how to wash hands and teach them social distancing as it will help them in there school when its reopen.

“Every time our soldier saves our country but this time we got the privileged to save it”.


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